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KYK Infrared Straightener

KYK Infrared Straightener

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nfrared Straightener is a professional salon quality hair tool designed to produce smoother and straighter results in seconds through its metal heater ceramic technology ensuring even heat distribution and faster hair straightening results.

For fast styling and optimal results, infrared straightener heats upto 230°C. Customise your heat between 80°C to 230°C for personal preference. With high heat of upto 230 °C infrared straightener is suitable for even the very curly hair types.

The KYK infrared straightener uses infrared heating technology; heating the hair from inside out, protecting colour and minimising damage to the outer cuticle layer of the hair.

Infrared straightener has extra wide 97 x 27mm mirror tourmaline ceramic plates which reduce damage from over styling and helps seal the hair cuticle and boost shine. With flexible 3D floating plates it is easier to glide for better contact with your hair to prevent pulls, tugs and tangles..

Tame your mane with luscious straight hair by gliding between the infrared plates or create bouncy curls by twisting it and gliding, the options are endless when styling with KYK multi functional infrared straightener.

We know you can sometimes be forgetful so infrared straightener includes a 60 min auto shut off, equipped with an automatic shut off function that turns the unit off after 60 minutes in case you accidentally leave it on after styling your hair.

Infrared straightener is designed with an extra long swivel cord of 3 metres.

Bonus Inclusions: Infrared straightener comes with a FREE salon quality heat mat and two alligator sectioning clips for styling.

All KYK tool plugs are AU therefore a converter to UK plug is included.


  1. Connect the UL plug to the power supply.
  2. The LCD screen will turn on with the text “OFF”. Press the middle power button to turn on your infrared straightener. The top arrow button increases the temperature. The bottom arrow button decreases the temperature. The lowest temperature is 80°C. The highest temperature is 230°C. Choose the temperature according to your hair type and colour. 


  1. Ensure your hair is completely dry and clamp the hair between the infrared straightener plates. 
  2. Start at the roots and glide down with the plates closed. The slower you glide, the smoother the hair. Do not clamp too hard when gliding for a smoother finish. Smaller sections assist with cleaner styling. Never hold the hair in one place for more than 2 seconds in any spot to avoid heat damage.
  3. Repeat gliding the heat plates from roots to ends on each section till you achieve your desired look and feel. 
  1. For curls take thin sections, hold the infrared straightener with the tip facing down (clamp the hair in between the heating plates) turn it once and a half and then glide all the way to the end. The point in which you clamp the plates, is where your curl will begin. 
  2. The slower you glide the tighter the curl becomes, the faster you glide the softer the curl becomes. If you want to achieve softer ends, release early and do not glide all the way to the end. 
  3. Ensure your not gripping too hard on the handle when gliding to avoid dint marks in your curls. Relax your grip for a smooth gliding technique. 
  4. Add a light mist of hairspray before curling for better hold and longer lasting results. Style with no additional products for natural effortless results. 
  5. There are also many other techniques that can be used to achieve different curl types, it is personal preference. 
  6. After using, turn the power off and ensure it cools down before safely storing away.


Does it come with a warranty?
All KYK HAIR CARE styling tools are covered under a one year warranty. With the proof of purchase, contact to discuss your faulty product. Warranty begins from date of purchase. Keep the original sales receipt for proof of purchase to attain warranty provisions.

Each case will be assessed independently. Refer to manual inside of the Infrared Straightener box for more information on the warranty.

How do I clean the plates? 

To clean your infrared straightener, wipe it down with a damp (not wet) cloth. Wait until the infrared straightener has cooled down before cleaning. Regular cleaning is important to ensure the product remains in good working condition, remove any build up of product or oils from plates and tool. 

What size are the plates?
Infrared straightener has 97 x 27mm mirror tourmaline ceramic plates.

Can this tool be used internationally (outside of Australia)?
Yes it is 100~240V, universal voltage for when you travel. All KYK tool plugs are AU, so ensure you have the correct converter for international use. 

What will happen if I leave the tool on by accident? 

Infrared straightener has an automatic shut off feature for added safety. If the appliance is switched on for more than 60 minutes continuously, then it will automatically switch off. 

Can I adjust the temperature on the tool? 
Infrared straightener heats upto 230°C. Customise your heat between 180°C to 230°C for personal preference. For blonde and coloured hair keep the temperature no more than 180°C. Also keep the temp low on 180°C if styling human hair extensions. 190°C - 230°C for thick & coarse hair 

Other than the tool what else is included in the box? 

  • Professional heat mat (Lay your infrared straightener on this mat to protect surfaces from heat damage) 
  • X2 sectioning alligator hair clips (used during your styling process to make it clean and easy) 

How do I use Infrared Straightener ?
Refer to the “How to Use” tab to read more about how to use the infrared straightener. This will help outline how to straighten and curl your hair. There is also a manual in the box with more information on how to use it.

Can it be used on all hair types and colours?

Yes it is suitable for all hair types, adjust the temperature to your needs. Drop the temperature of the tool when styling bleached, coloured, fine and soft hair. Also keep the temperature lower than 180°C degrees if styling hair extensions. 

How long is the cord? 

It is a 3 metres, tangle free 360° swivel cord 

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