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KYK Kurled X3

KYK Kurled X3

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A professional curler designed to give you different curl styles; wether it’s tousled, glamour, vintage or loose curls.

KURLED comes with THREE ATTACHMENTS; 19mm, 25mm and 32mm. The barrels are designed in one consistent length to provide you with an even curl pattern when styling for a flawless curl result.

The barrels are clip free, to prevent the hair tugging, pulling, breaking or causing creases while styling. Strands will not get stuck between any clamps as it is just a barrel you wrap hair around.

The mirror titanium long barrels not only look luxe, but are also accomodating for long hair and hair extensions, you will be able to fit more hair on our extra long barrels, heating even the ends of the hair.

KURLED X3 uses negative ions to seal moisture into the hair and create frizz-free, glossy, and smooth styles that last. Mirror titanium heating barrels produce softer, shiny results while eliminating frizz. Salon quality curls in seconds.

For fast styling and optimal results, KURLED X3 heats upto 230°C. Customise your heat between 180°C to 230°C for personal preference. The barrels are designed with a heat resistant tip, this allows you to hold the end of the barrel for extra grip when styling without getting burnt. This assists with making the curling process easier.

We know you can sometimes be forgetful so KURLED X3 includes a 60 min auto shut off, equipped with an automatic shut off function that turns the unit off after 60 minutes in case you accidentally leave it on after styling your hair.

KURLED X3 is designed with an extra long swivel cord of 3 metres.

Bonus Inclusions: KURLED X3 comes with a FREE professional heat resistant glove, salon quality heat mat and two alligator sectioning clips for styling.

All KYK tool plugs are AU therefore a converter to UK plug is included.


How to Use

  1. Connect the UL plug to the power supply. 
  2. The LCD screen will turn on with the text  “OFF”.
  3. Press the middle power button to turn it on. The top arrow button increases the temperature. The bottom arrow button decreases the temperature.
  4. After using, turn the power off and ensure it cools down before safely storing away. 

Note: While the tool is heating, the temp will increase until it reaches your desired selected temperature. 

How to Change Attachment: Wait for the barrel to be completely cool before attempting to change the barrel. At the back of the tool (on the other side of the LCD Display) you will find a round button. Press “down” on the button while pulling the barrel “UP” this will remove the barrel off the handle. 

Place your new barrel size on the attachment handle and push down to lock it into place, you will hear a “click” sound when the barrel has been connected into position. 

How to Curl

  1. Wear your heat glove on the hand you will wrap the hair with and hold the barrel with the bare hand. 
  2. Start at the nape of the neck and work your way up, using the sectioning clips provided to give you a cleaner finish. 
  3. Choose your desired barrel attachment and connect it into handle. 
  4. Once turned on and heated, take thin sections and wrap the hair around the barrel. Either place the hair “FLAT” while wrapping around the barrel or “TWIST” wrap (both techniques provide different results). Ensure you keep wrapping the hair around the barrel till the end if you want a curl from roots to end (otherwise leave the ends out for a more effortless result). The bigger the barrel size the larger the waves and results will be. 
  5. Keep the hair wrapped around the barrel for approximately 3-6 seconds before pulling the barrel up to release the curl.
  6. Allow curls to cool down before brushing out. 
  7. Add a light mist of hairspray before curling for better hold and longer lasting results. Style with no additional products for natural effortless results. 

Note: There are also many other techniques that can be used to achieve different curl types, it is personal preference. 


Does KURLED X3 come with a warranty? 
All KYK HAIR CARE styling tools are covered under a one year warranty. With the proof of purchase, contact to discuss your faulty product. Warranty begins from date of purchase. Keep the original sales receipt for proof of purchase to attain warranty provisions.

Each case will be assessed independently.Refer to manual inside of KURLED X3 box for more information on the warranty.

How do I clean the barrels? 
The material of the barrels is mirror titanium so clean the barrels as you would clean mirrors. Always clean the tool after use to prevent build up of oils or products on the barrels.

Can KURLED X3 tool be used internationally (outside of Australia)?
Yes it is 100~240V, universal voltage for when you travel. All KYK tool plugs are AU, so ensure you have the correct converter for international use. 

What will happen if I leave KURLED X3 on by accident? 
KURLED X3 has an automatic shut off feature for added safety. If the appliance is switched on for more than 60 minutes continuously, then it will automatically switch off. 

Can I adjust the temperature on KURLED X3?
KURLED X3 heats upto 230°C. Customise your heat between 180°C to 230°C for personal preference. For blonde and coloured hair keep the temperature no more than 180 °C. Also keep the temp low on 180 °C if styling human hair extensions. 190°C - 230°C for thick & coarse hair.

What attachment is best for vintage waves? 
The smallest barrel size that comes in the box 19mm. 

What attachment is best for glam waves?
The medium or large barrel size depending on the hair type being styled, 25 or 32mm. 

Does KURLED X3 come with a heat glove? 
Yes, a heat resistant glove to ensure you do not burn your fingers while wrapping the hair around the barrel. 

Other than the tool what else is included in the box? 
Bonus inclusions are: 

  • Heat Resistant Glove (use this on the opposite hand that will be holding your KURLED X3 tool to protect your fingers from heat during styling) 
  • Professional heat mat (Lay your KURLED X3 barrel on this mat to protect surfaces from heat damage) 
  • X2 sectioning alligator hair clips (used during your styling process to make it clean and easy)

How do I use KURLED X3? 
Refer to the “How to Use” tab to read more about how to use and “How to Curl” using KURLED X3. There is also a manual in the box with more information on how to use and curl. 

Can KURLED X3 be used on all hair types and colours? 
Yes it is suitable for all hair types, adjust the temperature to your needs. Drop the temperature of the tool when styling bleached, coloured, fine and soft hair. Also keep the temperature lower than 180°C degrees if styling hair extensions. 

How long is the cord? 
It is a 3 metres, tangle free 360° swivel cord 

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