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KYK Wavesss

KYK Wavesss

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Have you ever used a hair waver and felt like it was heavy?

WAVESSS is a VERY LIGHT professional hair waver. The three crystal tourmaline ceramic 25’mm barrels weighs only 586g making it almost HALF the weight of the traditional wavers on the market. This benefit allows styling to be much easier without the sore hands from a heavy tool.

For faster styling and optimal results, wavesss heats upto 230°C. Hotter than usual. You can style faster by not holding the hair for as long between the barrels and your results will be just as effective.

Customise your heat between 80°C to 230°C for personal preference (keep heat low when styling coloured and bleached hair).

Achieve long lasting defined beachy waves by holding wavesss for 3-8 seconds.

Wavesss is designed with 25mm barrels, making it easier to get closer to the roots and consumer friendly for our short hair girls. Suitable for all hair types, with Ionic technology. Developed with ceramic glaze coating technology, high temperature resistance, the ceramic coating also provides high heat evenly with added shine leaving the hair smooth.

We know you can sometimes be forgetful so wavesss includes a 60 min auto shut off, equipped with an automatic shut off function that turns the unit off after 60 minutes in case you accidentally leave it on after styling your hair.

Bonus Inclusions: WAVESSS comes with a FREE professional heat resistant glove and two alligator sectioning clips for styling.

All KYK tool plugs are AU therefore a converter to UK plug is included.


  1. Connect the UL plug to the power supply. 
  2. The LCD screen will light up blue with the text “OFF”. Press the middle power button to turn on your hair waver. The right button increases the temperature.  The left button decreases the temperature.  The lowest temperature is 80°C. The highest temperature is 230°C. Choose the temperature according to your hair type and colour.
  1. Ensure your hair is dry and clamp the hair between the waver. Smaller sections create  tighter and more defined waves, while larger sections give a bigger wave. 
  2. Hold for 3-8 seconds depending on the look you want to achieve. The longer you hold it, the more defined your results will be. Do not place the hair in the waver for longer than 8 seconds.
  3. Once you have done your first clamp and release the hair, reclaim the top barrel of hair on to the last wave bend. This will create a seamless wave from roots to ends.
  4. If you are after a beach wave then leave out an inch or two of your ends keeping them straighter.
  5. After using, turn the power off and ensure it cools down before safely storing away.


Does KURLED X3 come with a warranty? 
All KYK HAIR CARE styling tools are covered under a one year warranty. With the proof of purchase, contact to discuss your faulty product. Warranty begins from date of purchase. Keep the original sales receipt for proof of purchase to attain warranty provisions.

Each case will be assessed independently. Refer to manual inside of the wavesss box for more information on the warranty. 

How do I clean WAVESSS? 
To clean your wavesss tool, wipe it down with a damp cloth once completely cooled down. Alternatively use anti-bacterial wipes to clean plates after use to avoid build up of product (do not clean when tools are on, to avoid skin burns). 

Can WAVESSS be used internationally (outside of Australia)?
Yes it is 100~240V, universal voltage for when you travel. All KYK tool plugs are AU, so ensure you have the correct converter for international use. 

What will happen if I leave WAVESSS on by accident? 

Wavesss has an automatic shut off feature for added safety. If the appliance is switched on for more than 60 minutes continuously, then it will automatically switch off. 

Can I adjust the temperature of WAVESSS?
WAVESSS heats upto 230°C. Customise your heat between 180°C to 230°C for personal preference. For blonde and coloured hair keep the temperature no more than 180 °C. Also keep the temp low on 180 °C if styling human hair extensions. 190°C - 230°C for thick & coarse hair. It is very important to do a test patch on coloured hair to avoid discolouration. 

What type of wave can I expect?
Wavesss crystal tourmaline ceramic 25’mm barrels give defined waves, you are expected to see more definition than a classic larger waver. By adding product to the hair prior to waving, you can expect your wave definition to be enhanced.  

How does WAVESSS differ from any other wave on the market? 
Our biggest difference is the weight of the tool. It is almost half the weight of a classic waver. Lighter than what you are used too, wavesss weighs only 586g making it easier to style your own hair. 

Does it come with a heat glove?

Yes, a heat resistant glove to ensure you do not burn your fingers while clamping the hair in the barrel. 

Other than the tool what else is included in the box? 

  • Heat Resistant Glove (use this on the opposite hand that will be holding your wavesss tool to protect your fingers from heat during styling) 
  • X2 sectioning alligator hair clips (used during your styling process to make it clean and easy) 

How do I use WAVESSS?
Refer to the “How to Use” tab to read more about how to use wavesss. There is also a manual in the box with more information on how to use it.

Can it be used on all hair types and colours? 

Yes it is suitable for all hair types, adjust the temperature to your needs. Drop the temperature of wavesss when styling bleached, coloured, fine and soft hair. Also keep the temperature lower than 180°C degrees if styling hair extensions. It is very important to do a test patch on coloured hair to avoid discolouration. 

How long is the cord? 

It is a 3 metres, tangle free 360° swivel cord

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